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How to Follow-Up after Interviews

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interview follow-up

Summary: The etiquette of a follow-up for an interview is often just as important as the application and interview process.

You finally made it through the terrifying interview, hopefully using some of our tips to make it go easier and smoother. Now the even harder time has arrived – waiting. Stay calm and ready to answer the phone with a job offer at any time. We suggest hanging up the phone before jumping up and down while screaming. Follow these tips to make sure you aren’t breaking any other follow-up rules from interviews.

  • Send a thank you note within the first two days. You should have already sent an email thanking them the same day of your interview. Thank every person in an individual note that was a part of your interview. Drop off the notes to ensure that they get there faster.
  • After a week has gone by and you haven’t heard anything from them, follow up with a simple email or phone call. Wait another two weeks before doing another follow-up. If you still haven’t heard anything, move on.
  • When following up, choose one person and make it the right person to follow-up with. That right person is the one that should be following up with you. At the end of your interview, ask what the next steps are and clarify who will be contacting you. Usually it is someone in HR or the hiring manager.
  • Use whatever method of contact that the interviewer uses. If they call you, call them to follow-up. If the email you, email them to follow-up.
  • Choose your language carefully. You don’t want to sound impatient or that you are putting pressure on to the person you are corresponding with. Hiring takes time and they may still be interviewing people. It doesn’t hurt you to still be looking for other opportunities so that have options.

What’s the longest you had to wait after an interview to get a job offer? Tell us in the comments below!


How to Follow-Up after Interviews by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin