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Create a Workplace That Everyone Wants to Be a Part Of

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Summary: Fun weekly parties and open communication are not the only factors that make a workplace desirable to work at.

Improving salaries, lightening the workload, or giving months of vacation time are often not plausible for a company, let alone something you are capable of giving and still remaining profitable. Implement these tips to help make your company a place that everyone wants to work at.

Be Flexible

Employees are looking for flexible schedules. The traditional 9-5 workday is a thing of the past. With family responsibilities, employees need employers that are understanding of the conflicts and let them work around them.


Surveys show employees are not satisfied with the information they are given from management. They want to be in the loop. Frequent communication lets employees know they are part of the team. An “open door” policy will promote trusting relationships, accessibility, and many more benefits.

Recognize Success

Only 24 percent of employees report being satisfied with the recognition they are given at work. Seventy percent say that genuine recognition has no dollar value. Recognition can come in the form of cash, gift certificates, company merchandise, food, and certificates.

Development Opportunities

Many employees want to see more internal career opportunities at work. Providing more of these opportunities is a money saver in the long run because it allows them to hire from within and keep their workforce around for longer. Ways to do this are by offering on-the-job training, reimbursing continued education and training costs, fostering mentorships in the company, and recruiting talented college students early on.

Build Trust

Employees value honesty, trust and fairness above everything else. Encourage managers to build personal connections between colleagues by giving them a time to chat about their personal and professional lives.

Give and Receive Feedback

When feedback is constructive, negative feedback is often welcomed instead of avoided. Positive feedback is always the preferred method of feedback. Place more focus on the future and how an employee can improve instead of dwindling on past mistakes or shortcomings.

Provide a Sense of Purpose

When a person has a sense of purpose in their job, they will be happier, healthier, and more productive. This will also reflect on the company’s financial performance. Explain to employees exactly where they fit into the company.



Create a Workplace That Everyone Wants to Be a Part Of by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin