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Mixing Artistic Minds with Science in Switzerland

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Summary: An opportunity for one world-class artist to visit the CERN in order to take their art to another level is provided through multiple partnerships in Switzerland and surrounding countries.

Chocolate, watches, cheese, and the place to do banking may be some of the things Switzerland is most known for but the country has a lot more to offer. The European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN is an organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world since 1954. Typically it is assumed that scientists and engineers are the only jobs and positions available at the center but there are other options.

Jet Off to a Polish Castle for Your Art

The Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Residency works to mix the minds of the brightest scientists with world-class artists. Ars Electronica is an Austria-based arts and culture organization that focuses on new media that partners with the CERN to create this opportunity. The residency is fully funded and previous participants have included Bill Fontana, Julius von Bismarck, and Ryoji Ikeda.

Calling All Artists to the South Pole

Hundreds of artists from over 44 countries apply each year, hoping to be chosen for the three-month residency at the Large Hadron Collider. Two months has been deemed as enough time for the artist to reflect, research, and renew their career and artistic practice. Included is a four day induction before the residency starts so that their imagination can get started and they can be matched with a CERN partner for inspiration.

Artist Careers: How to Have a Career as an Artist

To apply, participants must submit a short personal-testimony video. One winner is chosen to receive the full residency but honorary mentions are given to one or so other artists that are able to spend a one week curated visit to CERN.


Mixing Artistic Minds with Science in Switzerland by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin