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11 Skills Needed to Break the 6 Figure Mark

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Summary: Achieving the status of a $100,000 salary often requires certain skill sets to be qualified for the types of jobs that come with that salary.

Breaking into the $100,000 mark feels like entering a whole new world. Not enough $95k sounds as amazing as $100k. While making this kind of salary does not define success, reaching this level of accomplishment is exciting. In order to join the club, follow these tips to build skills that will make you worthy of this kind of income.

– Write basic code: Using HTML and CSS can come in handy with a variety of jobs, not just tech jobs. Knowing how to write using these basic codes will allow you to write blog posts and emails as a content marketer. Customer service jobs with tech companies will especially prefer if you can at least understand basic coding so you can better help customers get through their problems.

– Write more advanced coding languages: Some of the best paying jobs in tech are as developers. This will require more advanced levels of coding. You can try to teach yourself or take classes.

– Project and people management: Those in management positions will make more money that those starting out in any profession. Having the skills to manage people and projects will be valuable in any career. If the management position happens to be in tech, familiarize yourself with apps from Atlassian such as JIRA, Asana, and Basecamp. You can also attend seminars, take on volunteer positions, and read management books to gain knowledge in the area.

– Web design: This entails being able to design the website or app and knowing what goes into a good design. You don’t have to know how to actually create the website but you should at least understand the different parts that are required.

– Full-stack development: This skill will put you above many others. Being able to understand everything going into the design and development of a product, whether it is a website, web app, mobile, app, etc., will put you in the center of the project.

– Trust and responsibility: Being able to be trusted and relied upon to do your work and get things done will pay off. Both skills take a while to develop but once they are recognized, promotions and more responsibilities that can lead to advancements will follow.

– Time management: Managing time well will help you get ahead in any career. Figure out a system that works for you.

– Work harder and smarter: Working your butt off will be noticed and rewarded with a higher salary eventually. You may need to work hard for some time until it pays off but it will. Stay on task, simplify or automate tasks, and streamline things will help you work harder.

– Adapt: High-paying tech jobs often start out smaller at tech startups. With startups, the job roles can change with current needs and demands until growing into something more stable. Taking on new roles is necessary, even in corporate jobs.

– Assertive: You need to be able to assert yourself at the right times and places at work. Speaking up during meetings shows you take initiative and can defend your ideas. You also need to be assertive when asking for a raise or promotion.

– Self-motivation: Find the will-power inside to take on new projects that you know you can do. Don’t over extend yourself and take on everything when you have no idea what to do so start off little and work up. Stay on top of deadlines to show how competent you are for future projects.


11 Skills Needed to Break the 6 Figure Mark by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin