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Convince Your Boss You Should Be Working Remotely

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Summary: There are many benefits to being able to work from home, but you have to convince your boss that it is a benefit to the company as well.

By the time many of us drive to work and then drive home from a full-day at work, we spend more time away from home than we actually spend at home. You finally get home just to be exhausted and frazzled from the long commute. Being able to take a day each week that you don’t have to commute into work can make a big difference. More and more companies are letting their employees take a few days each week or month to work remotely. Follow these tips to know how to convince your boss that you need a few days to work remotely.

Being successful at convincing your boss shouldn’t be hard when research shows that working remotely can lead to increased productivity, fewer sick days, lower turnover, and lower overheard. However, there are some bosses that still assume that their employees will be sitting at home watching Netflix and eating ice cream. You need to approach the conversation with your boss prepared with an argument to show them how it will benefit you and especially them.

First off, don’t even think about going to your boss unless you have a good track record at work, can stay self-motivated, and have a job that can be done away from the office. If you match the criteria then start preparing a home office space that you can take a photo of to show your boss. Being able to demonstrate how serious you are about getting work done at home in a designated space will go far with your boss.

Suggest a trial period where you work from home a few days a month to build up to a few times a week. Also suggest a day in the middle of the week so that your boss doesn’t think you are just trying for a long weekend.

Be flexible in your demand to work at home. Stress how you will still come in for meetings, trainings, presentations, and anything else that requires your physical presence. Offer to keep a source of communication during the day. Your boss may prefer a chat program or frequent email updates about what you have done. You have to stay as accessible as if you were working at the office. Keep your phone on you and check email constantly just like a normal day at the office. There are programs like Google Hangouts that can make an impromptu meeting possible.


Convince Your Boss You Should Be Working Remotely by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin