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Build Your Personal Brand with Pictures

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Summary: A picture is worth a thousand words. It can greatly affect your chances of building your personal brand in your professional industry.

Building a personal brand is an important feature of establishing yourself as a professional. Creating a personal brand with pictures will be an even more powerful representation of who you are. Think of all that you can show with an image compared to having to describe something in just a couple words. A majority of employers are already checking social media before the hire so start by making your social profile professional.

Personal Branding – 3 Tips that Will Advance Your Career Quickly

What pictures should you use? There are two specific types that you need to utilize on your personal websites and social media profiles:

– Headshots: This generally is the best choice for your profile picture. Choose a picture that is professional, not a selfie and not of your crazy Mohawk from your teenage years. Also avoid “power shots” where you stand with your hands crossed or near your face to elicit a pensive look.

– Candid shots: These shots are of you naturally interacting with others and in your natural surroundings. You want these photos to be ones that demonstrate what you do and are involved in. Think of things you do for the community whether as a job or volunteer. This may be giving a speech to a school, walking dogs for the humane society, or picking up trash with an organization. You want your personality to show through the pictures but don’t overshare your personal information.

How to Create Your Online Portfolio

Include these two types of photos on all your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Also include them on your professional portfolio page. You can include a headshot with your email signature.

Do You Have an Online Portfolio?


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin