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World AIDS Day

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Let’s set aside our ‘shop talk’ for a moment and look at a bigger issue that affects us all.

Today marked the 20th Annual World AIDS Day, when groups around the globe took time to recognize progress towards fighting this terrible disease. All throughout the day, world leaders and the affected and their families have been speaking about the importance of prevention, awareness and treatment of HIV/AIDS in both developed and developing nations. Much of the focus was on changing the stigma and wrong information that many people still hold about the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Admist all the discussion about the job market and the economy, let’s remember that HIV/AIDS touches those across all socioeconomic sectors and employment statuses. To learn more about the disease and what you can do to get involved, go to:

World AIDS Day Official website

World AIDS Day campaign website

US Dept. of Health and Human Services

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Authored by: PRGUY222