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October Jobs Report Still Planned for Friday Release

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been closed both Monday and Tuesday of this week so far due to Hurricane Sandy. According to Politico, statements were made earlier by federal officials that there could be a delay in the November 2nd jobs and unemployment report. Now, however, it looks like these fears can be put to rest, as Gary Steinberg says that they are “working hard to ensure the timely release” of the jobs report.

The reason this report is so important is because it is the last jobs report before the Presidential election, and it may determine which candidate some undecided people will pick. Unemployment has been going down and jobs have been growing, according to the last few years of reports. However, many people think the progress being made is not helping the economy fast enough to make a big enough difference. This report will show us whether the trend of less unemployed people and more new jobs is continuing.

It sounds like the Bureau of Labor Statistics is going to do their best to release the Friday report on time, but storms are often unpredictable things, and only time will tell us whether or not this report gets released on time.

October Jobs Report Still Planned for Friday Release by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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