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The Top 5 Most Hired Majors

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major decisionsLet’s say you’re fed up with job searching, and you want to go back to school to strengthen your education; or alternatively, let’s say you want to see if the degree you have is all that lucrative. What does the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) have to say about “Job Outlook 2012”? Which majors are bringing in major jobs?

It seems the hiring patterns are straightforward: all the tough-minded business types, strong in mathematics and logic and such are doing the best. A degree in business administration for instance was found in NACE’s Job Outlook survey that 48.5 percent of employers plan on hiring business majors. The general knowledge of business, management, and problem solving skills makes them especially relevant to the job market.

Other majors that are especially lucrative include engineering, with 51.5 percent of employers planing to hire; computer and information science, with 59.3 percent of employers planning to hire; accounting, with 59.3 percent of employers planing to hire; and economics, with 34 percent of employers planning on hiring.

What do they all have in common? They are all left-brained analytical jobs that stress problem-solving, mathematics, logic, and business. That’s what sells. And so all those tender-minded humanitarian majors who study art history, English literature, philosophy, sociology, and so forth, are out of luck, as usual. The jobs that are hiring are more pragmatic, more tough-minded, and are looking for a rigorous, money-oriented logic-solving aptitude.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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