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Obamacare with 100 Days Left Opens Webpage, Call Center

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obamacareObamacare, or as it is officially called, the Affordable Health Care Act, has about 100 days before it is in place. On October 1st everybody can sign up and get in line with the new requirement that we each get covered. But this is the largest expansion of private health care insurance in the nation’s history, and the nation is taking extreme measures to make the infrastructure of the plan work. To make it user friendly, as polls reveal that most people have no clue how it works, Obama’s team has set up a webpage,, that explains things; they also have a phone line to call for questions and they are even calling the NFL to help advertise for it in partnership. Place of employment should be explaining to the employees how it works as well.

So much work must go into streamlining the process with every individual state, with each corporation, that the task could be called Herculean. 17 states will be able to launch their own marketplaces that Health and Human Services is yet to certify. Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, etc. must also launch a health insurance exchange, and there are in fact hundreds of things that must be done. And it may have affected hiring a bit, but not too  much, as hiring is stronger than expected.

But for ordinary citizens, your task is a little simpler: just figuring out how the whole thing works. The website the organization setup simplifies matters and offers links and lists for choosing coverage. This will work with your place of employment to make sure you get the coverage befitting your situation.

Obamacare with 100 Days Left Opens Webpage, Call Center by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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