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The Benefits of Looking for a Job in a Bad Economy

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The economy is in less than excellent shape right now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad time to apply for jobs.

We spoke to some job-search experts, who told us about the benefits of applying to jobs in a bad economy.

One of the biggest benefits to the job seeker is that there are fewer people competing for the jobs that are available. When the economy is bad, people stay at their current workplace because they’re fearful to venture out. That means fewer resumes in the pool of candidates, and a higher likelihood of landing an interview.

Bobbi Bailey, SVP
Principal Technologies

The disadvantages of a tough economy are obvious and lack of options never makes anyone happy, but certainly one of the advantages of having no paying work is that you can do what you would do even if no one was paying you (because they aren’t). Ultimately it’s that type of introspection that leads to greater happiness. Additionally doing the thing you love gives you the focus and deep knowledge necessary to explicitly add value to a company, which ultimately leads to great jobs.

Adam Grealish

The Benefits of Looking for a Job in a Bad Economy by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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