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Why You’re Not Getting Any of those Finance or Customer Service Jobs

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Have you been sending your résumé to hundreds of employers every week, only to find your inbox void of responses from any of them? The following are educated guesses on why you are not getting any calls regarding your job applications, and what to do about each situation.

If you’ve been applying to various customer service jobs for a few months now, you must know how tiring it is to send your résumé repeatedly.

Perhaps you’ve sent an application to a job listing that you really like, but you’ve never heard from them even after a few weeks of waiting. Was it because you blew your chances after sending a too lengthy cover letter? On the other hand, maybe you sent your résumé in an unreadable file format. You may have called them to follow up on the progress of your job application – a practice that only annoys most prospective employers. You’ve got to stop doing this if you don’t want to mess up any more chances of getting hired.

Although following up may imply that you care about lucrative finance jobs deeply, many recruitment centers and hiring managers may not welcome disturbance from over-eager candidates who call out of nowhere.

If letting someone else check on your application isn’t an issue in your situation, perhaps you’re being too selective with your career choices. Narrowing down your applications to listings that are highly relevant to your professional expertise is reasonable. You may be losing opportunities, however, where you could otherwise shine just because you’ve decided to limit your job applications to a very specific career path.

If you are serious about getting a job sooner rather than alter, you may want to consider broadening your horizons by checking out ads for jobs in which you may not have prior experience, but are willing to learn the ropes for. Now might be the time to apply to jobs you would not have considered in your first round of searches, whether it be because the compensation wasn’t quite as high as you wanted or the job duties listed didn’t appeal to you perfectly. Not that you should begin applying to jobs you are completely uninterested in, but you may find that if you loosen your expectations slightly, opportunities may open up for you. People will often end up loving jobs that they would not have considered normally. You can visit job search sites like to widen your options and hone yourself in the art of job hunting.

Why You’re Not Getting Any of those Finance or Customer Service Jobs by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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