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Cost of Raising a Child Jumps 2.6 Percent

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child moneyJob seeking has a special fevered pitch for those mothers and fathers of children — and so much more the case now that the cost of raising a child has risen. Between 2011 and 2012, the cost for raising a child for the course of 17 years has leapt by 2.6 percent, or $241,000. Adjusting for inflation, this is $310,970, and includes all the necessities a kid is liable to eat up including house, home, and the other provisions from bringing up a child.

What is bolstering the price? Child care, education, health care, and clothing expanse have increase the most recently, with small increases in housing, food, and transportation.

The average middle-income household ranges between $12,600 and $14,700 per child per year.

Job seekers who have a home with a child or children are of course under higher pressure to support the people they are responsible for. But with the price per child raising so much, and this because of a network of increased expenses surrounding the large cluster of costs a child naturally incurs, this puts all the more pressure on parents who must toggle not only the responsibility of raising their children, and being there for them, but taking care of them materially, which means making a living, and being apart from the children. Certainly a scenario requiring a stolid sense of duty.

Cost of Raising a Child Jumps 2.6 Percent by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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