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Gig’s Top 20 Employer Articles of 2016

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Summary: Read the 20 most popular employer articles on in 2016.


We know you come to Gig for everything related to job hiring and workplace success. This year’s most-read Gig articles covered everything from how to be a better boss, to how to deal with toxic workers, to ways to maximize employee retention. Here is a breakdown of the top 20 most-read Gig articles in 2016:

  1. How to Be the Best Boss

There are so many reasons to be a good boss – as better bosses cultivate stronger employee loyalty and other rewards. One way to be the best boss is to be a great coach and show an interest in the personal well-being of your employees. Find out other ways to be the best boss in this article.

  1. How to Deal with These 5 Types of Toxic Employees

There is at least one “toxic employee” in every workplace. In this article, you will find out about the five types of toxic employees – slackers, hot messes, martyrs, socialites, and sociopaths – and how to handle these difficult and disruptive workers to increase productivity and morale in your workplace.

  1. 6 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier

Did you know that removing cubicles is one way to help employees connect with one another and increase workplace satisfaction? Find out other tips to make your employees happier in this article.

  1. 10 Things to Look for When Hiring

If you thought that employers should just look for candidates who have done the exact job before, you need to check out this article. As this article discusses, when hiring new employees, the best idea is for employers to hire candidates who are curious, up for trying new things, want to learn, and not afraid of others. Find out all 10 things to look for when hiring in this article.

  1. Five Traits You Need to Be a Leader

In today’s world, a true sign of leadership is a willingness to give back. Do you possess that trait? Find out if you possess the key traits of a leader by reading this popular article.

  1. Harvard Business Defines “Toxic Worker”

Toxic workers are so problematic that Harvard Business School published a paper that took data from 50,000 employees at 11 companies to find a good definition of the “toxic worker.” Learn what the authors discovered about these problematic employees in this article.

  1. Want to Be a Leader? Learn to Listen

If you want to be a more effective leader, try honing your listening skills. Being a good listener helps ensure your employees do not shut down and allows you to make wiser business decisions. This article will help you be a better listener for your employees, which will help you be a better leader for your company.

  1. Cutting Full-Time Employee Hours Can Get You Sued

If you plan on cutting the hours of your employees, read this article first! A lawsuit can be the result. The Affordable Care Act ensures benefits to employees who work 30 hours a week or more. Read about the legal issues involved in cutting the hours of your workers in this article.

  1. Attract the Best Applicants with a Better Approach

You might be missing out on the best employees if you are lagging behind with boring and ineffective marketing tactics. This article gives you tips for attracting the very best talent by writing better job advertisements and more!

  1. Top 4 Most Effective Management Styles & How to Use Them

What is your management style? Is it as effective as it could be? In this article, find out why the affiliative, democratic, authoritative/visionary, and coaching management styles work so well in various work settings. Is it time to adopt one of these four styles in your company?

  1. Expected Changes in 2016 to the Workplace

Major 2016 workplace trends involved health and wellness initiatives, technological innovations for working remotely, benefits, freelancing, wearable technology, company branding, and giving back. How many changes did your company initiate in 2016?

  1. Improving Engagement & Well-Being through Focused Leadership

Are your employees fully engaged in their jobs? If they fit the statistics, the answer is probably no! This article explains how to overcome this issue and get your employees more engaged, active, and involved at work.

  1. The Successful Entrepreneur’s 10 Daily Habits

If your goal is to start a company or do something entrepreneurial, you need to read this article. It tells you the ten things that successful entrepreneurs do each day – including making routines, making time to work out and meditate, brainstorming about ways to generate revenue, tracking progress, spending time with family, and continually learning new things to keep their minds sharp and skills fresh.

  1. 10 Ways to Improve Employee Retention to Reduce Costs

Does your company have an employee retention problem? If so, it is no doubt hurting your bottom line. There are ways to retain employees, and this article tells you how. Among the tips provided by this article are fostering a culture that attracts your desired employees, providing guidance and training to employees, and giving the benefits and perks that could make the difference between employees staying with you or leaving for the competition.

  1. Top 5 Areas You Should Cut Costs in Your Business in 2016

Did you cut costs during 2016? Check out these five sustainable cost cutting ideas – solving your company’s biggest business challenge, refocusing resources, creating a continuous-improvement culture, reducing expenses from materials, and cutting excessive services. Can you use these techniques to help improve your company’s financials?

  1. Want to Attract Top Talent to Your Company? Have a Purpose

One way to attract better talent is by having the purpose of being exceptional. The best candidates want to work for the best organizations. One way to recruit better talent is by improving your company’s culture, employee satisfaction, compensation, and advancement opportunities. Find out more insights about recruiting top talent in this article.

  1. Maximize the Return on Employee Investment

Did you know that the cost of replacing an employee ranges from 30 to 400 percent of the employee’s annual salary? As an employer, this means that you should do everything you can to create and keep a stable and productive workforce. This article discusses how to maximize the return on employee investment.

  1. The Economy Under a Trump Presidency

Want to know what to expect in terms of the economy under a Trump presidency? This article discusses taxes, balanced budgets, trade, infrastructure, and more with Trump in the White House.

  1. 10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Business Page

Is your company’s Facebook page getting as much traffic as it could? If not, you might consider making it more attractive with the suggestions in this article. Suggestions focus on the timeline cover photo, posts, followers, and “likes.”

  1. 10 Ways to Express Your Company Culture

The benefits of having a company culture include creating a common interest for employees, establishing expectations for customers, and setting the standard to identify and correct problems. This article gives you ten key tips for expressing your company’s culture – including discussing the company culture with the team, printing business cards that reflect the company’s culture, and using social media to communicate the company’s culture.

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