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Gig’s Top 20 Most Popular Career Advice Articles of 2016

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Summary: Improve your career with résumé, interview, job, and workplace tips by browsing the 20 most popular articles on Gig this year.


The theme of 2016 appears to be résumé and interview tips, with half of the 20 most popular articles on Gig being on those two topics. Use these articles to perfect your résumé and interview skills and learn other career tips.

  1. 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid If You Don’t Want to Become Your Own Worst Enemy

We quite often make these mistakes in our behavior or actions that sabotage our ability to be taken seriously at work. Use the knowledge you will gain in this article to stop making things harder for yourself.

  1. Avoid These 10 Job Interview Mistakes That Make You Seem Unqualified

You probably didn’t even realize there were so many things that you could do wrong in a job interview. After reading this article, you can correct any mistakes you are making in your interviews so that you can finally land that job.

  1. 8 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job That You Can’t Control

You may be doing everything right when it comes to the application, interview, and post-interview process, but none of that matters. It is frustrating to feel like the interview went well but not end up receiving a job offer. Read this article to learn why that job offer may never come.

  1. 50 Cool Companies to Work For

Look at this list of the 50 coolest small businesses to work at last year. The list comes from Business Insider.

  1. Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs of 2016

Glassdoor gathered a list of the highest paying jobs for 2016. The article lists the job and median starting salary so that you can see what kind of salary you can hope for in the beginning. Hopefully the list will give you the inspiration to go for your dream, which may be one of these high paying jobs.

  1. How to Deal with a Hostile Work Situation

Thinking that you will get along with everyone in your office is unrealistic. There will always be at least one person that you either clash with or have no interaction with. Use these tips to prevent those strained relationships from becoming a problem and reduce other problems from arising in the future.

  1. Quote Posters to Add Inspiration to Your Office Wall

Spruce up those boring office walls with some inspirational quotes. This article has tips on what kind of posters and quotes you can use to keep your office looking professional but still provide you with that little pick-me-up to get through the day.

  1. 20 Most Common Interview Questions

Prepare for your next interview or any potential interview in the future by knowing how to answer these common questions. There is a good chance that you will be asked more than one of the questions in this article, so start preparing your answers now.

  1. 10 Filler Words to Remove from Your Résumé and Cover Letter Now

Cover letters may the most difficult and least enjoyable part of applying for jobs. Trying to figure out an effective way of demonstrating your qualifications and passion for the job is a challenge. Take the process of writing your cover letter one step at a time by using this article to make it into a better product.

  1. 11 Surprising Jobs That Pay Over $100K

This article is a list of jobs that you probably haven’t thought of, but the salary makes them worth considering.

  1. Calm Angry, Emotional People with 3 Phrases

Do you have a job where talking with angry customers or clients is a regular occurrence? Maybe you just want to be prepared for the time when you will deal with someone that is upset. No matter what your work environment is like, use this article to learn how to calm angry or emotional people.

  1. What to Wear and Not Wear to Interviews

A first impression cannot be changed. Make it a good impression at your interview and one that shows you are serious about the job. Follow the tips in this article for men and women. You never know, you may be overlooking an essential part of your professional look.

  1. Simple Résumé Changes That Make a Big Difference

With just a few simple fixes to your résumé, you can make it a stronger, more competitive résumé. Many of the changes suggested in this article will take less than 10 minutes each. It can’t get much easier than that.

  1. Ten No-No’s for the Workplace

Every workplace has at least one of those individuals that don’t seem to understand proper workplace etiquette. Make sure you aren’t the annoying one at work by reviewing this list.

  1. “Culture Fit” Questions You Can Expect During an Interview

Hiring managers and employers want to hire employees that will be a good fit for their company. The cost and time that goes into replacing employees is not ideal, so they want to avoid doing it often. Questions that relate to your preferred company culture are something you should expect during an interview.

  1. 5 TED Talks to Help You Network

If you haven’t caught on to the TED Talk craze, you should. The topics for the talks range greatly, so there will be something for everyone. The talks are intended to inspire the audience and make them think. These five talks focus on helping you get the courage to network and how to network effectively.

  1. Top 10 Most Common Résumé Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Lots of people are making these mistakes on their résumés. With this article, you can learn how to avoid making the mistakes so that your résumé is mistake free.

  1. Dos and Don’ts for Body Language during an Interview

Have you ever recorded yourself to see what you do with your body without realizing it? Chances are your body language is saying things that you don’t intend to. You don’t want this to happen during an interview, so use this article to check your body language before you go in to the actual interview.

  1. 7 Questions You Should Ask during an Interview

Have you finished an amazing interview only to have it flop when the interviewers ask if you have any questions and you just sit there with no response? Preparing questions that show you did your research and paid attention during the interview will demonstrate your abilities to the company more than words on your résumé can. Here are seven questions you should consider asking.

  1. The 10 Best and Worst Cities to Start a Career

There are some places in the country that are booming with available jobs. With graduation just happening and coming again in several months, start looking in these 10 best places to find a job. Understand that the other 10 places will be much harder to find jobs in, although it isn’t impossible if you are set on going there or have connections in the area.


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